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Android App v4.0.2 (BETA)

There is an update on our Android Application scheduled to be released to BETA on Tuesday, February 15th, 2022.


New Features

  • Removed Dashboard screen
    • Default Location screen is now device list
    • Location settings promoted to bottom nav
  • More informative error prompts
  • Event list is now paginated

Bug Fixes

  • Performance fixes and optimizations
  • Fixed a crash when viewing an unactivated device
  • Fixed a crash when updating a location
  • Placeholder shimmer no longer blocks UI after a password reset request

Known Issues

  • Any network call made while the app does NOT have an active network connection, can and will crash the app.
    • Make sure you are connected to an active wifi or cellular network
    • Make sure your phone is NOT connected to your Valve Controller
      • Phone Settings > Wifi Setting > Make sure NOT connected to “Guardian-XXXX”
    • Priority issue. Fix coming ASAP