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Guaranteed Savings of $150 in the first 3 years

Guardian is partnering with Smart Insure to Guarantee you savings of $150 on your homeowner's insurance over the next three years.

How it Works

Smart Insure, our partner insurance agency, will contact your insurance company directly to negotiate a discount on your premium for protecting your home with Guardian—after all, water damage is the number one cost for homeowner's insurance providers.

There's no need to switch insurance providers (or even contact them). We'll work to lower the price on your existing plan.


Don't worry about negotiating rates with your provider. Smart Insure will contact them directly and do that for you.


If your insurance provider does not have a program to save based on smart home products, Smart Insure will pay you $150 directly over the next three years

How much will I save?

Smart Insure guarantees savings of $150 or more over 3 years. You can save hundreds more if you upgrade additional Smart Home equipment.

What if my insurance provider doesn't have a program to save money for using smart home products?

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