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Meet Guardian.

Guardian is a system of Leak Detectors and a Valve Controller that work together to detect leaks and shut off your water automatically, preventing further damage. Guardian installs with no tools and no pipe cutting – simply install, connect, and protect.
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    • No tools required
    • Use multiple Valve Controllers
    • Optional Battery Backup
    • Offline functionality
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    • 15-year battery life
    • Three points of leak detection
    • Long-range connectivity
    • Waterproof housing
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    • Remotely control your system
    • Receive notifications
    • Monitor multiple locations
    • Share your system
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3 minutes to spare?

Watch this video to see how easy it is to protect your home from water damage.

Ohio Mutual Insurance is not affiliated with Elexa Consumer Products, Inc. Ohio Mutual is not liable for the claims made by Elexa, has not evaluated the Guardian product, and makes no representations or warranties regarding it, all of which are hereby expressly disclaimed including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Ohio Mutual shall not be liable for any claims by customer arising out of or in way related to the Guardian product. If the Guardian product is listed as a protective safeguard in the customer's insurance policy with Ohio Mutual, then it is the customer's sole responsibility to have and maintain the safeguard in accordance with the terms of the protective safeguard endorsement, and any claims customer may have regarding the Guardian Product related thereto shall be not be deemed to alter or waive the terms of the protective safeguard endorsement.