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iOS App v3.1.0 (BETA)

This update to our iOS application is scheduled for release to BETA on Friday, January 21st, 2022.


  • Updated the device provisioning process
    • Can now name your Valve Controller during provisioning
    • Now checks for already configured Wi-Fi
    • New “motor calibration” step
      • Please delete and provision your device again to test this, and to ensure proper motor calibration
    • Improved error messages
  • Debug panel flow updated
    • More confirmation dialogs added to aid the user
  • Location “Dashboard” screen removed
    • “Devices” is now the main screen
  • Location Settings are now accessible from the bottom navigation bar


  • Non-Guardian QR codes are not entered in to the app when scanned in leak detector pairing
  • Text inputs for devices no longer accept poorly formatted input
    • If the PIN/UID input is not a possible Guardian device, input is rejected
  • Prevent multiple “Add Location” calls from being made at once
  • Updated grammar and text
  • Notifications working again

Known Issues

  • Unable to opt-in or out for marketing emails
    • Default option is opt-out if input is missing
  • All devices in the main device list say “Basement Closet”
    • Soon, users will be able to specify which room their devices are in to make it easier to identify where a problem is occurring.
    • Placeholder text was not hidden
  • Device list will occasionally show a valve that has recently opened or closed as being in motion, despite finishing its motion successfully
    • Cycling the valve can fix this
    • Details screen appears to show accurate position
  • Deleting a device or location shows an error message when no error occurred
    • Backing out of the settings screen, the device or location will have been deleted when looking at their associated list
    • User may remain on settings screen, despite delete being a success
    • Interacting with and attempting to update a deleted location can cause unexpected errors in the app
  • Network indicator can still show when a network call is NOT active
    • Can be ignored by users
    • Exit and enter the screen again to reset the indicator to the proper state
  • Delete actions do not have a confirmation prompt
    • Use caution when selecting a delete operation
    • It will just happen by clicking the button, no confirmation
  • Updating the Email address associated with an account is broken
    • Investigating
  • Updating the Wi-Fi of a Valve Controller is broken
    • Can be updated by going through the provisioner again (deleting device, not required)
    • Also can use the debug tool