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Cloud v3.3.1

An update to our cloud infrastructure was released to the public beta on Thursday, May 6th, 2022. Release to production is set to occur on Monday, May 9th, 2022.


  • Addressed various issues related to missing device setting/state data
    • Rare situation in device Pub/Sub listener caused early exit of sync
    • Double save in device Pub/Sub listener resulted in race condition, sometimes data loss
  • Webhook configuration was sometimes erased upon Application modification


  • New events for Backup Battery
    • Battery Installed
    • Battery Removed


  • Tuned offline device calculation
  • Events are now filtered before generating Event Summaries
    • Users will notice that the following events no longer appear in event history: DIAGNOSTICS, LOGON, LOGOFF, HEARTBEAT, STARTUP, RESTART
    • The filtered events are still logged internally
    • Purpose is to remove (often confusing) diagnostic-level events from the user's view