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Welcome to the new Guardian.

See what to expect from the upcoming update to the Guardian Ecosystem


    Use Guardian in multiple locations and manage all of the devices using one app.


    You will be able to add as many Valve Controllers and hundreds of Leak Detectors to your leak prevention system as you need (previously, each location was limited to a single Valve Controller.)


    We overhauled our notifications system to live up to our customers' standards. Receive push notifications on Android and iOS phones during leaks and other events.


    We improved the user experience, from the initial setup all the way to the moment disaster strikes. Configure devices faster than ever with our completely revamped (and continuously improving) provisioning process.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Rather than incrementally update our existing platform, we opted to recreate the entire ecosystem to not only introduce the features our users are asking for, but also to increase stability and handle scaling to millions of users. Along the way, we assembled a brand new team of developers to continuously grow and maintain the system for years to come.
Truly Scalable

Our new ecosystem is built to scale with our users and the new devices we look forward to introducing to you.

More Stability

We adopted industry best practices in our new Ecosystem, such as using a server less architecture, which will experience fewer outages and scale easier down the road.

A Brand New Team

Throughout the last year and a half, we assembled a completely new team to recreate the Guardian Ecosystem, and this update will be your first glimpse at our work.

More Frequent Updates

The new team is committed to updating the app, device firmware, and our cloud on a much more frequent basis.

Control More Devices

The new platform will let you control multiple Valve Controllers and configure systems in different locations to let you monitor all of your properties easily.

Completely New Devices

Our journey has only begun and our new team is already working on new devices to give you true peace of mind.

Why did this software update take so long to release?