Prevent Water Damage
In Three Easy Steps

1. Install 2. Connect 3. Protect


InstallThe Valve Controller

Install the Guardian Valve Controller over your existing plumbing in minutes. It installs without any tools and is compatible with most quarter-turn ball valves from 1/2" to 1-1/4".

  • No Tools RequiredGuardian is ready to install out of the box—no need to cut into the pipes or even grab a screwdriver.
  • Use Multiple Valve ControllersUse the Valve Controller to control not only your water main, but also your water heater, irrigation system, or any other standard quarter-turn valve.
  • Battery BackupWith the optional battery backup, Guardian will protect your home for up to twelve hours during power outages.
  • Offline FunctionalityGuardian will prevent leaks even if the internet is down—WiFi is only required for setup and remote functionality.

ConnectThe Leak Detector

Place Leak Detectors throughout your home near plumbing fixtures and appliances to monitor them for leaks. Its flexible design offers multiple points of leak detection, making it perfect for any application.

  • 15-year battery lifeThe Leak Detector includes a 15-year battery, and you will receive an alert when the battery runs low.
  • Three Points of Leak detectionSensors on the top and bottom work with the optional remote sensor probe to monitor a wide range of areas.
  • Long-Range ConnectivityPlace the Leak Detectors up to a thousand feet away from the Valve Controller. The signal is strong enough to penetrate through more than two floors in typical homes.
  • Waterproof HousingReuse your Leak Detectors even after a leak – its waterproof housing protects it from water damage.

Protect your HomeWith the Guardian App

Monitor your system and control your water main from anywhere in the world with internet access. Receive push notifications the moment a leak is detected and take action.

  • Remote controlControl your Valve Controller and monitor the status of your sensors from anywhere.
  • NotificationsReceive notifications when leaks are detected or other events occur.
  • Multiple LocationsUse Guardian in your home, vacation home, rental, and anywhere else you want to prevent water damage. Control it all through one app.
  • Share Your SystemGive access to your system to family, friends, and neighbors so they also know when disaster strikes.

We're Here for You

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