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Leak Detector - 3 Pack

$132.00 $147.00 saving $15.00
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Leak Detector - 3 Pack

$132.00 $147.00 saving $15.00
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Place Guardian Leak Detectors throughout your home to monitor toilets, basement doors, sump pumps, water heaters, appliances, sinks, drains, and more for leaks. A Leak Detector can detect as little as three drops of water using three separate points of detection – the Bottom Sensors, the Drip Tray, and the Remote Sensor Probe (optional). It also has temperature and tamper sensors. The Leak Detector will automatically send a signal to the Valve Controller on sensing water or freezing conditions, shut off water to prevent further damage, and send a push notification via the free iOS and Android Guardian App.

  • Leak Detector Dimensions: 7” x 3.3” x 1” (L X W X H)
  • For use with Guardian Valve Controller (sold separately)
  • Contents: (3) Leak Detector

    Technical Specifications

    • Power

      Wireless, Battery operated.
      Included Battery with 15-year life.

    • Available Data

      Leak (via audible alerts and push notifications), temperature, tamper, and battery level.

    • Connectivity

      Requires the Guardian Valve Controller for use.
      Uses proprietary GuardianRF to communicate with the Valve Controller.
      Requires Wi-Fi for setup, remote control, and notifications.

    • App

      Requires iOS or Android Smartphone with internet access.
      Requires the Guardian App for set up, remote control, and push notifications.

    • Range

      Place Leak Detectors up to 1,000' (line of sight) away from the Valve Controller.

    • Additional Specs

      Has quarter-round cut out for placement adjacent to walls.
      Has input for optional Remote Sensor Probe to monitor hard-to-reach areas.

    Product Features

    • 15-year battery life

      The Leak Detector is low maintenance with a 15-year battery. You will receive an alert when the battery runs low.

    • 3 points of leak detection

      Sensors on the top and bottom work with the optional remote sensor probe to monitor a wide range of areas.

    • Long-range connectivity

      Place the Leak Detectors up to a 1,000' away from the Valve Controller. The signal is strong enough to penetrate through more than two floors in typical homes.

    • Waterproof housing

      Reuse your Leak Detectors even after a leak – its waterproof housing protects it from water damage.